This is underconstruction though the mapping reporting system is up and running

Please first report suspicious activity to your proper authorities, often by the non emergency police line and explain your situation then if you still think you need to do more but there is no where more appropriate for your situation, then you can please report it here too.

This is a non profit site for reporting suspicious activity that may not quite constitute a crime in your area, but could be a pre-cursor or reconnaissance run or maybe nothing happened because of your presence. With todays camera's so many places, this database may help prevent kids from getting stolen and or help track and stop real time events!

This is a FREE interactive map, you can add a location, picture and comment of a suspicious event. Respectfully this will hopefully have mostly false positives. WARNING PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL IDENTIFYING INFO/SPECIFICS, KEEP OBJECTIVE, just major cross streets would be enough, keep in mind, this is a public database accessable by anyone. This site does not work directly with law enforcement. AGAIN this is not getting forwarded directly to any law enforcement. So please contact them first if this is a emergency or suspicious activity.

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